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Trezeta® has a real prestigious story, which started in the Twenties from the hands of Vittorio Zizzola, who began to make 5 to 10 boots per week in his small workshop in Crespano del Grappa (TV). Vittorio used to ride his bike to Montebelluna hills and sell his boots to families, farmers, mountaineers. Within a short time, his boots gained a prestigious reputation. The Zizzola tradition continued and in the Sixties gave life to the independent brand of Trezeta®. Over the years, the brand developed its product range to cover all user categories in the Outdoor sector, from gentletrekking to Hans Kammerlander's impressive ascents.


In early 2002 Trezeta® was acquired by MGM, which is still pursuing the strategy of quality and innovation, always paying attention to consumer's needs and expectations. This is the modern trend Trezeta® embraced in the years 2000. The "About walking" concept lays in conceiving walking and hiking as an impulse to adventure or, more simply, as a daily choice for health and well- being. Walking means being alive, having thoughts and ideas, let your mood ow go. With the new "Natural Attitude" campaign, Trezeta® expands its horizons with a more nature & travel oriented collection. The hiking and light hiking lines are at the same time young in style and top-class in comfort. Technical prerogatives together with an easy-going approach to design and style. Trezeta® becomes a real lifestyle, becomes the key for a real thoughtless outdoor mood!


Trezeta has developed an awareness and knowledge, its backbone and most ambitious objective: to turn innovation into its principal “product”. We normally think at once of technological research when we talk about “innovation”, but to “innovate” means – primarily - knowing how to change everything, moving ahead with the times but on a path that enables one’s distinctive identity to be maintained. The ability to transmit what one is, and also to transform one’s most distinctive qualities into added value. In this guise, the challenges are and will always be many, but so will the successes.

This is how the Travel&Lifestyle Trezeta world was born, in fact once again Trezeta tells about travelling, proposing new style and new interpretations.
From extreme winter conditions to crowdy urban landscapes Trezeta keep its uniqueness.
Fine materials, clean design and a strong personality will introduce you into your daily adventure.
Choose your next destinations and take your first secure step. Travel with Trezeta.