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TREZZO SULL’ADDA | The last adventure of Guirri Tour


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Trezzo sull’Adda is the last city in the Milan area, on the border with the province of Bergamo, divided by the latter by river Adda.

On the promontory of the city stands the Castello Visconteo tower, from the top of which you can admire the whole surrounding area and on sunny days you can even see the Madonnina on top of Milan dome.

The Castle of Trezzo was built in the Visconti period, probably on pre-existing remains of the Lombard period, which represent an important trace of local history. Belonged to Bernabò Visconti, co-lord of Milan from 1354 to 1385, who would stay here several times with his wife Beatrice Dalla Scala and his various lovers. Military residence used to quell the revolts of the Bergamo population, thanks to the gigantic bridge - medieval engineering marvel - that connected the two shores.

Today it is possible to visit the entire park for free, to get on the tower instead you need to buy a 3 euro ticket. It is also possible to take a guided tour that will take you to the castle's basement, where you will discover the tortures that the prisoners of the castle suffered, visit the Celtic-Lombard museum and finally climb to the top of the 40 meter high tower!

All information regarding costs and reservations can be found on the website www.prolocotrezzo.it and you will discover other fantastic hidden gems in Trezzo and its surroundings.

At the foot of the Castle, stands the “A. Taccani" hydroelectric power plant, jewel of industrial architecture of the early twentieth century, still in operation since it was inaugurated in 1906 by Mr. Crespi, owner of the homonymous industrial village - UNESCO heritage since 1995 - located on the Bergamo side.

To spend a beautiful Sunday between nature and history, it is advisable to book guided tours always through the Pro Loco Trezzo website, while for Crespi d'Adda, please note the following site: www.crespidadda.it

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