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TRAVEL | Volcanoes

Suggestive places, with particular colors and scents, unique, desolate landscapes that alternate with lush vegetation up to snowfields and glaciers.

They are the volcanoes, one of the natural wonders that have always been feared and at the same time admired by mankind, which seeks with ever greater success to study the bowels of these monsters to better understand the seismic and geological phenomena. However, scientific research is not the only engine that moves man towards volcanoes: there is also the curiosity to see these mountains, sometimes with respectable mountaineering difficulties, with a unique conformation and a typical brown-black color. Thus, it is possible to follow specific itineraries that have been designed by local guides to trace many of the active volcanoes present on the globe. One of the most famous, whose activity hardly knows where to stop, Etna, can be visited almost to the top, with guides who organize trekking for the whole family.

Or you can find routes in more exotic places: trekking is popular to reach the top of Kilimanjaro, in Kenya, which despite being inactive is still an imposing volcano with a typical pyramid shape. Then there are other places even more distant, such as Indonesia, where the magmatic activity is widespread, especially in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, in East Java, with paths in lunar landscapes between sulfurous fumes and lava craters.

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