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TRAVEL CHECKLIST | A useful note for our trips

We have just booked our trip, perhaps using one of the strategies that our friends from Guirri Tour recommend us in their beautiful reports.

We also bought a new pair of flaming Trezeta Spring Evo, the perfect shoes to follow us in every adventure on the road, thanks to the sturdy construction, derived from the outdoor experience, and the last developed specifically for the female foot, with anatomical padding for the maximum comfort in every situation. And then they are really stylish, with that supercool color.

Now let's think about organizing the trip; with experience, we have prepared a list of the material to put in the suitcase, which we follow to the letter, so as not to be caught unprepared.v

- beauty with necessity for toilet and personal hygiene;
- underwear, one more than the number of travel days;
- clothing appropriate to the season, some change more or less heavy;
- enough tights/socks;
- paper towels;
- packable backpack, can always come in handy;
- waterproof jacket;
- a nice book (we still like paper!);
- photocopy of all travel documents and personal documents;
- Sun glasses;
- bluetooth speaker (without music, we don't know how to be!) and earphones;
- purses / handbags;
- small towel (you never know);
- cereal bars (as above);
- hand sanitizing gel;
- pens and pencils;

Our travel notebook, where we have always put our words on places and memories of every adventure.

Spring Evo Wp dark green