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Until the mid-nineteenth century, the local time of any location in the world was calculated according to an estimate, measured referring to the longitude

A modern introduction
to travel easy

Because of the growing need to have a certain common time, especially in the telecommunications and transport sectors (think of the rapid development of the railways, the speeding up of sea connections), it became necessary to set a reference hour that would allow the operator and the traveler to know precisely when to transmit a message and to know the arrival time of the train, respectively. In Italy, from the end of 1866 the average time of Rome was introduced as common reference, which was subsequently adopted in almost all the major cities of the peninsula, even if slowly.

In the world, the ability to always know exactly the time of a particular place has allowed a more streamlined development of business relationships; moreover, it has facilitated the diffusion and the speeding up of the transports. Thanks to the time zone, we can regulate our travel plans efficiently, a not insignificant advantage for the professional but also for those who are travelling for leisure.

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