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The seven wonders of the world | THE GREAT HILL

We start this week with a series of reviews dedicated to the seven wonders of the modern world, architectural and artistic masterpieces that were the most voted among over 150 included in the initial list presented after the 2000 Olympics in Sidney and proclaimed in Lisbon in July 2007.

The most voted was the protagonist of this first chapter, the Great Wall of China, the fortification built by the Chinese emperors to defend the territories from the invasions of the northern populations, especially from the Mongols.

Traditional synonym of protection and security, the construction of the Great Wall began in 215 BC and continued, in various forms and for different traits, until the fourteenth century; the walls, up to eight meters high, are intercoursed at regular intervals by characteristic forts, while the depth varies according to the area, passing from 3 to over 6 meters. Its extension, of almost 9000 kilometers, qualifies the Great Wall of China as the longest and most impressive human work ever made, and for the outdoor and travel enthusiast it is a truly suggestive location to visit, especially in the best preserved area, around the Beijing municipality.

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