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Among the seven wonders of the modern world, one in particular has experienced an increase in notoriety and therefore more visits only in the modern era, thanks also to the intervention of Hollywood.

Petra, an archaeological site located about 250 kilometers from Amman, the capital city of Jordan, is in fact one of the places represented in the film "Indiana Jones and the last crusade", but its beauty and complexity goes far beyond what can be seen in the film. It is in fact a complex of buildings, dating back to different eras, which in the past constituted a city at the center of important trade routes exploited first by the Paleoarab peoples and then also by the Roman empire. In fact, among the buildings excavated in the sandstone rock (Petra means rock, in Greek), we can also encounter a beautiful theater, built in Roman times.

Perhaps the most famous and most represented building is still El Khasneh, mausoleum of the Nabatean king Areta III, carved into the rock at the very opening of the narrow gorge that leads to the archaeological site, dating back to the 1st century BC.

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