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This week, our journey to discover the seven wonders of the modern world continues.
After talking about the Great Wall of China, it's the turn of Chichen Itza, a huge archaeological complex of the Mayan civilization that is located in Mexico, in the north of the Yucatan peninsula. Among the various constructions that have been brought to the light and made available for exploration and visit, some buildings stand out and have become, over time, the symbol of the Maya: the Caracol, astronomical observatory, the Temple of the Warriors, and the most famous of all, the pyramid of Kukulkan also called el castillo.

Not only temples and monuments, however: on the site of Chichen Itza, among the seven found by archaeological excavations, there is also the largest playing field of pelota (Tlachtli, practiced by all pre-Columbian civilizations and which survives today in some isolated communities ) of all Central America.

The ideal time to visit Chichen Itza? Certainly during the spring equinox, when the silhouette of a plumed snake, one of the symbols of the Mayan civilization, appear on the northern stairway of the temple of Kukulkan, thanks to particular lighting effects.

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