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FOOD SPECIAL | The Cagliari panada


We left for Sardinia, a land full of opportunities for the outdoors and to come into contact with a people carrying ancient traditions that have been preserved, almost intact, up to the present day.

One of the most interesting aspects of Sardinia is certainly the cuisine, rich in Mediterranean flavors and Spanish influences, but not only. In Cagliari in particular we can find a specialty that almost certainly dates back to the Middle Ages: the panada. It is a pasta pie (resembling a shepherd's pie) that has a rich filling inside; it was used by farmers and workers as the main meal of the day, because it was easy to transport and with a high caloric intake.
But what are the most traditional variants of the panada?
Let's start with the fundamental things: in the filling there must be potatoes, dried tomato, parsley and garlic, all washed down with excellent extra virgin olive oil. The options to complete this typical dish are innumerable, the most widespread include the use of the eel, fished in the lagoons around the Sardinian city, or the lamb, combined with peas, or even the spiny artichoke of Sardinia, one of the excellences of this land that is used in an almost vegetarian version of the panada. How do you eat panada? You need to uncover the top, eat the inside and fight for the bottom, the most delicious part of this traditional Sardinian dish.

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