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PROVENCE: NOT ONLY LAVENDER | A lot of sports for everyone

Thanks to Instagram, we discover unknown places through the shots of other travelers, but often, alas, we exclude many hidden pearls! Want an example?

If I say to you: Provenza! What is your immediate thinking? Mine was a mix of: violet, bees, strong perfume, lavender everywhere, blue sky.

After my first trip on the road between the Provencal streets, I immediately changed my mind! Provence is not just lavender and perfume! Guests of the tourism office of Castellane, we had the opportunity to discover many hidden pearls that we then had the chance to test! Provence is the ideal location for those who love nature and sport! The Verdon canyon is the beating heart of the whole region, able to offer trekking of different intensity and duration, starting from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 6/7 hours!

In the area there are many agencies that offer an infinite number of adrenaline activities to give an electric discharge to your adventure! This year we tried canyoning and water trekking! Awesome!

In the first one, we faced pure adrenaline steps between climbing, via cordata and natural slides among the rocks of the river. In the second activity, thanks to robust life jackets, you let yourself be carried away by the course of the river, across super-exciting passages and diving from rocks of different heights!

All activities are followed by expert guides in the sector, for a total duration of about 3 hours each.

But we are forgetting the welcome tour! Provence welcomed us with a bike tour on the ridges of the panoramic route that overlooks the Canyon gorges (bikes were electric...). Two hours of effort rewarded by the many panoramic points we met along the way! The scorching temperatures at the end of June were not helpful, but servo-assisted pedals are always the best solution.

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