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ON THE PILAT DUNE | The last adventure of Guirri Tour


What if we rolled down the dunes?
We are not in the great Sahara, but along the French west coast, just 60 kilometers from Bordeaux!

Rent a car at Bordeaux airport, drive for 45 minutes towards the Dune of Pilat. The great dune stands out in the distance, hidden by the forest of maritime pines, at the end of the main road that takes you to the many campsites in the area.

Any information on this natural pearl?

  • The dune is in constant motion, often, even a few meters each year. The strong winds of the ocean move large amounts of sand;
  • With heights between 100 and 120 meters, 3 kilometers long and 500 meters wide, it has the highest European dune;
  • is the second most visited natural site of France after Mont Saint Michel;
  • in season comfortable staircases are set up that will help you reach the top of the dune near the public pay parking;
  • stay at least one night to fully enjoy the nature and silence of the place;
  • the starry that can be enjoyed from the top of the dune will remain etched forever in the memories;
  • you can try various sports related to water, sand and wind.

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Wild camping is prohibited throughout the area, but it would be feasible to put up the tent in many secluded areas. A little more complicated is to find free parking areas for your car.

The camping, at the beginning of the season, is really horrible and in a clear state of abandonment, but for one night we pretend not to see the negative sides, despite the 34 euros fee to pitch our tent. Really crazy!

It is necessary to buy some food before arriving at the dune, because there are no large supermarkets nearby, if not the private shops of the campsites.