Orders are temporarily suspended due to website renewal

NEW TREZETA WEB PORTAL | Info, shopping and much more


Another important news for the Trezeta brand, which continues the work of innovation and renewal of its communication. In fact, the brand's new web portal is online, and for the first time it also contains a beautiful shop, aimed at becoming the reference point for the public and mainly for all fans of the historic Treviso brand.


New web portal

Alongside the classic purchasing and management functions, the new Trezeta portal has been redesigned to guarantee maximum usability and to insert the considerable flow of texts, photos and videos that are collected from all over the world, thanks to the dense network of collaborators and people involved in brand promotion globally. Therefore, it is pleasant to linger reading a real online magazine, to then find the same footwear, protagonist of travel and adventure stories, on the next page, ready to become our next life companions.

After the inauguration of the YouTube channel, last month, Trezeta's online communication continues with the new site, to be closer to hiking enthusiasts and travelers who prefer to discover independently their way, saying no to five-star resorts.