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MAORI | A fascinating population

The Maori are the original population of a big portion of Oceania, especially of New Zealand and Australia.
The warrior of the past
Their characteristic traits are height and eyes which tend to almond, clear Polynesian origin, although recent studies on their language and DNA have shown that their origin can also be found in the island of Formosa, today's Taiwan. The traditions and uses of the Maori reflect the past of hunters and adventurers: in tattoos, one of the oldest forms of art, which has made it to our times, and has become famous especially in recent years.

The warrior of the past, in fact, tattooed all the events related to his personal history, made of battles and conquests, on his body, through very precise styles contained in moko (the tattoo reserved for Maori), so the body became the narrator to the others and at the same time gave big prestige.

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A particular variant of tattoo, the kirituhi, based on the typical design of the fern, can be used by anyone, even non-ethnic Maori, without offending the culture and tradition of this population.