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ISLANDA | A new adventure from Guirri Tour


Going to northern countries in winter? But are you crazy? How many times I hear this phrase, combined with astonished eyes looks; but a journey is not such if there is not a hint of thrill and madness!

I have just returned from a trip to Iceland in which, with Mondoaeroporto, I accompanied a fantastic group of boys to the discovery of the land of ice and fire. Here are the three key points for a trip to the north.

1. Aurora Borealis

Yes, the famous light effect, which colors the icy northern nights from September to April, is the dream of every trip to Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. My advice is to organize your trip leaving the aurora as the icing on the cake; NEVER leave with the conviction of certainly seeing it. Nature cannot be commanded, and clouds much less so. Remember that, the sky will color only if around you there will be a lot of darkness and there will be no fog and clouds to cover the show. Northern lights can last for hours, minutes or not appear for days and days! How do I know if it is a good evening to prepare tripods and reflexes?

2. Organize a "b" plan

A trip to Northern countries is always a question mark. Often, in Iceland especially, the climatic variations are distorted every 10 minutes. Snow, ice and wind, hail and sun, rain and again sun, alternate with an unimaginable speed! A continuous verification of the meteorological conditions on the official sites will be indispensable, so as not to be surprised by very strong winds and snowfalls so strong as to paralyze the only possible roads. Remember that between one country and another, there are often 50/70 kilometers of NOTHING. Did you make fuel?

3. Northern countries are expensive

Perfection must be paid. In the countries of the North, everything seems to work maniacally, but count that everything costs 3 times more than in Italy. Are we going to the supermarket? Strawberries in 250 gram packs, 8 euros. 4 Bananas 7 euros, hamburger 21 ...

What if we go to the restaurant?

Delicious salmon, unforgettable! But prepare 35 euros. Feel like dessert? Today we have the chocolate mousse for 12 euros.
But water is for free everywhere! Luckily! You will surely need to hire a nice vehicle equipped for your on the road, on the beautiful icy roads. Well yes... prepare at least 500 euros for a week by car or 1000/1300 for a 9 seater van! Watch out for car doors! Yes sir. Insurance companies often do not cover the doors if they are disconnected from the power of the wind... Just try it!
Well, but I have to admit that, the north fascinates me so much that ... I can't do without its uncontaminated and infinite nature!