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GR20 | Crossing through Corsica

One of the most evocative European trails is certainly the Grande Randonnée 20, also called Fra li Monti (between the mountains) in Corsican language, a walk that cuts Corsica longitudinally from north to south, more precisely from the municipality of Calenzana to the town of Conca, in the south of the island, crossing the fabulous territory of the regional natural park of Corsica.

Fra li monti

It is often referred to as one of the most difficult hiking trails in Europe.

About 180 kilometers long, this long-distance trail can be divided into two stages, taking Vizzavona station as a reference. The northern stage is considered the hardest, with stretches that require a minimum of mountaineering and climbing experience, and a considerable height difference. The southern part, on the other hand, is easier because it has minor elevation differences and less technical difficulties.

To complete all the GR20 walk, it usually takes fifteen days, with stops whose points of arrival and departure coincide with the shelters (called spartani) where it is possible to sleep and provide supplies.

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