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FOOD | TAPAS The Spanish way for aperitifs

If you are traveling and you come to Spain, you cannot give up the tradition of ir de tapas, or go to tapas from place to place.

But what are tapas?
It is a wide variety of appetizers, often prepared with products related to the region where you are located, which are usually served in small portions (as an aperitif, in fact) and accompanied by a glass of wine or alcoholic cocktail. So many flavor combinations can be tasted, and cold and hot tapas exist. The first are mainly cold cuts, olives, various cheeses and tasty sauces to garnish the tapa (such as aioli sauce, or a mix of tomatoes and
pimento, paprika), while hot tapas can be small fried calamari and chips (patatas bravas), warm Galician octopus salads, meatballs (albondigas), cod or ham croquettes with béchamel, cod with bread and tomatoes and many more.

The tradition states that the customer who liked the tapas should throw the napkin on which the delight rested on the floor, in front of the counter; vice versa, if the dish had not been appreciated, the napkin should simply be trashed. In this way, the bar with the largest number of napkins on the floor will be recognized as the best producer of tapas!

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