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FOOD | Lampredotto

Among the streets of Florence you can often smell a typical perfume, which reminds of boiled meat but goes beyond such as flavor and intensity. This is the lampredotto, an authentic cornerstone of Florentine cuisine and, if you think, one of the first street food in history, such as Venetian frittelle.

There are indeed many traditional kiosks that prepare and sell this specialty, which is typically consumed in a savory Tuscan sandwich, the semelle. The lampredotto is meat derived from one of the four stomachs of the bovine, the abomasum, cut into thin strips and pieces and boiled with onion, carrots, celery and aromas. The sandwich, cut in half, is filled with this delight and the top of the bread is dipped in broth to add even more flavor.

Two variants of this delight are available from lampredottai (lampredotto sellers): boiled, in the traditional manner, or in zimino, stewed, cooked with tomatoes and leafy vegetables such as chard.
If you are visiting Florence
, then, you should definitely try this typical delikatessen and accompany it with a nice glass of Tuscan red wine, perhaps a Chianti.

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