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Brittany | A voyage in the French promontory

That strip of land, which seems to be almost detached from France to have its own autonomy, has a history, a territory and some really unique places to visit: it is Brittany, a vast promontory that goes into the English Channel and is the longest coast fraction of France, with over 2000 kilometers of coastline.
We decided to visit some of the most characteristic places in the region, accompanied by a Trezeta product particularly suitable for the terrain we will meet.
The beautiful Flow WP in blue and lime color, which is an outdoor shoe built with Trezeta Water
Stopper membrane and microporous, shock-absorbing and stable wedge, ideal for moving in the Breton hinterland, discovering menhir, dolmen and cairn, built by the primitive populations who inhabited the area and who left many interesting testimonies.
In fact, Brittany has the largest number of megalithic monuments in all of Europe, built at the time of the Neolithic, long before the arrival of the Celts in the Breton peninsula.
But the discovery of this unique region goes far beyond archeology: you can find unique landscapes at the coast, where cliffs overlooking the sea, jagged and carved by the sea and wind, alternate with sandy dunes interrupted in turn by creeks and crevices. And even the cities reserve unique scenarios: Rennes, Lorient, Brest and perhaps the most typical of the Breton cities, Quimper, with its medieval city center, characterized by intact walls, preserved to this day.
Finally, Saint-Malo, no doubts one of the most famous historical cities of France, located at the mouth of the Rance river, which became famous in the Renaissance to be the haven of corsairs, the pirates who were later recruited by the kings of France in the Seventeenth century to go hunting for English and Spanish sailing ships for the seven seas.

Flow Evo WP blue green

Despite the heavy damage caused by the bombings of the Second World War, the historic center of the city still features the majestic palaces of the corsairs, built thanks to the incredible riches that they conquered during their raids.
Enjoying a plate of local oysters, famous all over the world, accompanied by a glass of Muscadet, we will leave the country from Brittany and we will surely have to go back to discover many other wonders of the area.